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Authenticity Guarantee
Privacy Policy
Gandhara-Art uses its best endeavours to ensure that each piece of art offered for sale on sites operated by them is a genuine work of the artists as listed in the site. All works of art offered by sale by Gandhara-Art are sourced from the artists themselves or from galleries or sources in which Gandhara-Art has confidence and (wherever possible), a history of previous dealing. When appropriate, all works of art offered for sale on Gandhara-Art sites are screened or authenticated by experts in the appropriate field.

In the event that any item purchased from a site operated by Gandhara-Art is subsequently proved not to authentic, we will refund the full purchase price and any related shipping costs upon being supplied with indisputable proof that the relevant work of art is not what it claims to be. Refunds will only be paid to the individual or company who purchased the work of art from Gandhara-Art and not to any subsequent purchaser. The right to claim such a refund shall not be assignable to third parties. Refunds shall only be made if the work of art in question is returned to Gandhara-Art in the same condition in which it was at the time of purchase and upon provision of proof that the work of art was in fact purchased from Gandhara-Art.