Hong Kong - Karachi
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Gandhara Art @ Art Basel 2017
23 Mar,2017
From emerging talents to the Modern masters of both Asia and the West, Art Basel in Hong Kong traces twelve decades of art history across its six sectors: Galleries, Insights, Discoveries, Encounters, Magazines and Film. On display will be the highest quality of paintings, sculptures, drawings, installations, phototgraphs, video and editioned works from the 2oth and 21st centuries, by more than 3,000 artists from Asia and around the globe. The sh.....
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Proposals towards a new architecture
23 Mar,2017
A continuing investigation into the changing face of the city through measures of policing, securitization and urban regulation manifested in the barricades and barriers that have come to form a kind of ‘soft architecture’ of Karachi, this ongoing body of work presents itself as a witty series of proposals that attempt to formulate an integrated architecture of the city through new possible configurations of urban dwellings and structural fo.....
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09 Feb,2017
WHAT IS SEEN AND NOT SEEN WITH OR WITHOUT SEEING is a subjective survey of drawing as a reflective process which extends beyond sensory perception. It reviews the trajectory of an idea as it transforms from 'being' into 'becoming' (visual/physical manifestation of the idea), the transformation of the intangible into tangible, irrespective of the tools utilized to aid this process. This exhibition marks the beginning of a long term project tracin.....
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Traces of the Famliar
22 Dec,2016
Ayesha Zulfiqar's new body of works represents her experiences of traversing between known and unknown paths where her memory is embodied in material and spatial conditions. The desire to transform the ephemeral and temporal into containable physical embodiments stems from an urge to revive lived moments in order to abate this longing. It is perhaps in resistance to accepting a foreign condition, the unease with the unknown where one tends to int.....
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'How we mark the land'
27 Oct,2016
The act of cartography, while seemingly utilitarian and benign, has been a powerful way of documenting and marking territory as a means of exploration, control and conquest. Artists from Pakistan have explored the possibilities and limitations of this practice since Partition - the creation of which was also the result of arbitrary demarcation. This exhibition brings together disparate and diverse practices exploring how artists have been.....
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Through the high walls and closed gates
18 Aug,2016
Through the high walls and closed gates.. Farida Batool traverses the political urban landscape presenting contrasting realities through the dichotomy of before and after moments; the temporality of the present and the transformation of history and memory through erasure. By juxtaposing her experiences with those of others encountered along the way, she comments on the cultural and political turmoil of the present day. The selection of lent.....
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The most amount of people standing still, screaming & laughi
14 Jul,2016
The most amount of people standing still, screaming & laughing. The pioneer video artist of Pakistan, Bani Abidi unfolds layers of the interwoven web of complex structures inherent in her native city. Her videos and photographs are a social commentary on the politics and culture of a faulty system. The slow moving satirical and often absurd visuals, at times accompanied with text, are the artist take on persisting and prevalent behaviors portray.....
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Through the rearview mirror and the looking glass
12 May,2016
through the rearview mirror and the looking glass. Risham Syed has the innate ability to convey complex narratives by creating re-enactments of everyday life, whether by painting a dull façade or through seemingly routine objects, which draw connections between imperial histories and the neo colonial present. There is a constant back and forth between the past and the present, where she encapsulates the wide span between two eras into a mome.....
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