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SCROLL- Projects on paper

Amna Naqvi, Aziz Sohail, Bani Abidi, Naiza Khan, Omar Wasim And Saira Sheikh, Shahana Raja
Gandhara Art Space, December 2016
Hardback, 12 pages
ISBN : -

The Scroll will be a space for art and ideas that are not confined by the notion of walls. Indo-Persian miniature paintings were usually bound in the form of an album for personal enjoyment. These were certainly not meant to be framed and hemmed .....continue reading
Look At The City From Here

aHajra Haider, Amna Naqvi, Iftikhar Dadi, Adnan Madani, Yaminay Chaudhri, Naveed Alam
Gandhara-art, July 2016
Hardback, 91 pages
ISBN : 978-969-7592-01-2

Look at the city from here, taking the title from Faiz’s poem, is a rendition of three perspectives which address shared histories, collective memories ad diverse cultures influenced by and influencing the social structures of the country. The appr .....continue reading

Hajra Haider, Arsalan Rafique, Seher Naveed, Saadia Mirza, Bilal Tanweer, Zahra Malkani
Gandhara-art, May 2015, ,
Hardback, 29 pages
ISBN : 978-969-7592-00-5

The artist’s curiosity often takes him / her to navigating unknown paths or (re)navigating known ones. The trajectory formed is one that varies with the artist’s observations and interests. Physical aspects of a space, or cultural mannerisms — .....continue reading
Stranger Than Fiction

Nafisa Rizvi, Susan Acret, Zarmeené Shah and Amna Tirmizi Naqvi
Gandhara-art, October 2014, --
Hardback, 90 pages
ISBN : 988172669-7

With the ‘Stranger Than Fiction’ exhibition, Zafar wraps cultural icons and not soft cuddly toys. For the first time the work is not enshrouded animal figures on two dimensional dark surfaces but a bandaged, sculptural and tactile Mickey Mouse su .....continue reading
Haunted Lotus

Susan Acret
Gandhara-art, October 2013,
Hardback, 50 pages
ISBN : -

In many of the ‘Haunted Lotus’ works, the text can be found in a gilt cloud that hovers above the demon figures. The anchored text of the traditional miniature painting now floats freely across the work, becoming an integral pictorial part of the .....continue reading
Rashid Rana - Translation/Transliteration

Amna T Naqvi and Quddus Mirza
Gandhara-art, October 2011 ,
Hardback, 76 pages
ISBN : -

Rashid Rana is widely considered to be one of the most prominent and original contemporary artists working in South Asia today, and this exhibition will encapsulate four distinct narratives, consisting of selected works from 2004 to mosaics, ‘An id .....continue reading

Sivim A. Naqvi, Gemma Sharpe, Abdullah M.I. Syed, Atif Khan, Reem Khurshid and Sumera Taze
Gandhara-art,01-May-2011, ,
Hardback, 66 pages
ISBN : --------

Whitewash endeavours to investigate and ask questions about value and exchange within contemporary art. The wall-based artworks of this exhibition will also raise questions about artist's production, the significance of the studio, the function .....continue reading
Spaces Within

Amna T Naqvi
Gandhara-art, 01-May-2010, --
Hardback, 42 pages
ISBN : ----

Hussain not only plays with the notion of the image but that of the medium as well. Just like a few of her predecessors, who have graduated from the Miniatue Panting Department at the National College of Arts she also manipulates the surface, th .....continue reading