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Stranger Than Fiction

Nafisa Rizvi, Susan Acret, Zarmeené Shah and Amna Tirmizi Naqvi
Gandhara-art, October 2014,--
Hardback, 90 pages
ISBN : 988172669-7

With the ‘Stranger Than Fiction’ exhibition, Zafar wraps cultural icons and not soft cuddly toys. For the first time the work is not enshrouded animal figures on two dimensional dark surfaces but a bandaged, sculptural and tactile Mickey Mouse suspended in a picture frame and a soft-toy bunny meeting a violent end, while lying face down on the floor. The narrative deftly moves into the three dimensional realm and for the first time Zafar leaves his process bare to exploration. ‘ Stanger Than Fiction’ brings forth the world of Superman, The Simpsons, Mickey Mouse and finally the Power Puff girls who are confined in gauze and hemmed in fabric. The Power Puff girls are distinct in their portrayal into two noticeable manifestations. The furious but tough girls who are trying to break free from the bonds on the surface of the paintings, and then shown with all their power & robustness in three-dimensional sculptural form. There is a multiplicity in the wide array of media shown in this exhibition that has not been displayed previously.