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Pattern to Follow

Amna T Naqvi & Suzanne Cotter
Fatima Zahra Hassan,Gandhara-art, April 2010
Hardback, 93 pages
ISBN : -

‘Pattern to Follow’ was published in conjunction with the show Aisha Khalid and Imran Qureshi at the Pao, in Hong Kong. For this show, Aisha’s second in Hong Kong, all allusions to the veil have disappeared. The vortex remains but is geometrical force, an optical illusion without the folds. Maybe this direction in her work has stemmed from the realisation that the truth is revealed and will now exist in a different manifestation. Khalid’s later work is large scale, a miniature format she claimed as her own. Though there is a nod to one of her earlier works. Her artistic practice is not restricted to painting. She has created video as well as in-situ installations. At the Pao, Khalid will be creating an on-site installation, which will be in the form of a coat. Beautifully embroidered with pins, it will be beautiful to behold, yet torturous in its manifestation.