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Blessings Upon the Land of my Love

Amna T Naqvi and Jemima Montagu
Gandhara-art, April 2010 ,
Hardback, 85 pages
ISBN : -

Blessings Upon the Land of my Love was published in conjunction with the show Aisha Khalid and Imran Qureshi at the Pao, in Hong Kong. His exhibition is a culmination of two of his most significant works, his large scale installations as well as the “Portraits” series where the violence of red as a hue is often tempered with the organic flow of blue as a cleansing force. In this exhibition at the pao, large scale works are created using techniques that he uses to create his installations. These paintings are a comment on the tense political climate in his country, while the blue is used as a beacon of hope amid the chaos.