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More Than Meets the Eye
17 Dec,2015
@Gandhara-art Space Karachi 17th December 2015 - 12th January, 2016 Arif Mehmood Alia Bilgrami Emaan Rana Hina Farooqui Farid Alvie Curated by Malika Abbas Artists have always pushed technical and conceptual boundaries to constantly evolve their art. Photographers in particular have always been interested in exploring alternative processes. However with the advancements in digital technology currently, the availability of the materi.....
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Pretty Can Be Gritty
01 Oct,2015
The works of art in this exhibition are lush in their treatment and yet the issues of urbanization these attempt to engage with are not a local, but a global phenomena. A 'glocal' phenomena, which is dealt with a light touch of irony and a sprinkle of satire. Saba Khan's uses kitschy materials to create satirical paintings depicting layered deserts and houses. Sara Khan uses bullet holes to symbolise body piercings in portraiture and reveals vio.....
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Cross Fire
06 Aug,2015
Living in three separate continents, Khadim Ali (Australia), Sher Ali (Afghanistan) and Mahwish Chishty (USA) are reconnecting with their personal history through this collaborative exhibition that examines transition of decade-long 'war on terror'. Underlying concerns such as demonizing the political foe, the embodiment of good and evil by the superior and inferior, respectively, has been a common thread throughout history and across cultures .....
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The Science of Taking a Walk
21 May,2015
The Science of Taking a Walk Navigating/ (Re) Navigating - Forming Trajectories Curated by Hajra Haider Karrar. Duration of the Exhibition : May 21 - July 10 May 21 at 5:00pm to Jul 10 at 8:00pm in UTC+05 Artists Bani Abidi Farida Batool Yaminay Chaudhry Naiza Khan Shalalae Jameel Seher Naveed & Seema Nusrat... Fazal Rizvi Omer Wasim People can see nothing around them that is not their own image; everything speaks to them .....
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Gandhara-art @ Art Basel 2015
15 Mar,2015
From emerging talents to the Modern masters of both Asia and the West, Art Basel in Hong Kong traces twelve decades of art history across its six sectors: Galleries, Insights, Discoveries, Encounters, Magazines and Film. On display will be the highest quality of paintings, sculptures, drawings, installations, photographs, video and editioned works from the 20th and 21st centuries, by more than 3,000 artists from Asia and around the globe. The.....
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Hybrid II
12 Feb,2015
Atif Khan & Damon Kowarsky at Gandhara-Art Space Karachi In 2012 Damon Kowarsky and Atif Khan worked together at the National College of Arts Lahore to produce 'Hybrid I', a series of 20 hand printed etchings. Where the first project investigated Pakistan 'Hybrid II' took 'Commonwealth' as its theme and looked at the shared cultural heritage of Pakistan and Australia. These links are evident in part through the countries' shared colonial histor.....
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One for the Birds
23 Dec,2014
Muhammad Zeeshan Gandhara-art Space Karachi Currently we are living in a time of great polarity: the political and corporate establishments world-wide are exploiting the minor differences within populations that have long lived intermixed and peacefully. Because of these minute differences in worship and culture being exasperated, humanity is embroiled in ideological and physical battles. Zeeshan’s work shows the similarities that are more ap.....
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Publication Launch of Stranger than Fiction
19 Dec,2014
In conjunction with the show ‘Stranger than Fiction”, Gandhara launched a catalogue to compliment Adeel Uz Zafar’s work. The catalogue has essays written by Nifsa Rizvi, Susan Acret, Zarmeene Shah and a foreword by Amna Tirmizi Naqvi. The Artist Talk & Panel Discussion included the artist Adeel Uz Zafar and writers Nafisa Rizvi & Zarmeene Shah. Discussion was moderated by Amna Tirmizi Naqvi......
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