Hong Kong - Karachi
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Hybrid II
12 Feb,2015
Atif Khan & Damon Kowarsky at Gandhara-Art Space Karachi In 2012 Damon Kowarsky and Atif Khan worked together at the National College of Arts Lahore to produce 'Hybrid I', a series of 20 hand printed etchings. Where the first project investigated Pakistan 'Hybrid II' took 'Commonwealth' as its theme and looked at the shared cultural heritage of Pakistan and Australia. These links are evident in part through the countries' shared colonial histories, and the post-independence establishment of national identities and images. The images in 'Hybrid II' were developed in a back and forth process. Because the artists are in separate countries much of this exchange was by email. Each month the artists exchanged images that were then transformed by the other artist to produce a true hybrid of ideas. The back and forth negotiation meant that the overall concept was open to development and transformation. Cohesion across the suite was maintained by adhering to pre-determined sizes. The printmaking process, with its technical focus on ink, paper and metal, helped unify the different artistic elements into a whole. The first part of the project took place via email from January to September 2014. Each exchange referred to the previous ideas, or branched out into new areas. Nearly 30 drawings, resulted, of which 25 were selected for the final project.