Hong Kong - Karachi
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Let'sTake It Outside
10 Apr,2014
Gandhara Art presents 
‘Let’s Take It Outside’
Ahsan Jamal, Imrana Tanveer, Nashmia Haroon & 
Noor Ali Chagani
Using the popular phrase ‘Let's Take It Outside' which commonly translates to taking the disagreement or the fight elsewhere, this exhibition plays on the notion of moving the narrative or the dialogue away from its present condition. Thus, moving it away from the corridors of power and drawing rooms, to a place where it is more relevant and unhindered. It challenges the notion of exclusivity and seeks to provide a voice to those whose opinions are have historically been tolerated but ignored like a mild irritant. The question to put forward would be, who might those be. The public at large. 
The work of all four artists, Ahsan Jamal's quiet portraits and still landscapes, Imrana Tanveer's tongue in check commentary on the realm of power, Noor Ali Chagani's exposed brickwork and Nashmia Haroon's scaffolding all call for pushing the narrative to its rightful place - Outside
Preview  5-8 pm on Thursday, April 10, 2014
Exhibition  12 -7 pm April 10-July 5, 2014
F-65/2, Kehkashan 4, Clifton, Karachi