Hong Kong - Karachi
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When I am Silent by Aisha Khalid
15 Feb,2014

For this exhibition Aisha Khalid has expanded on the theme of her earlier works, which dealt with concepts of spirituality and the divine. Khalid will be showing a series of six paintings in this show.  Earlier the ‘Burqa’ or the ‘Veil’ in her work symbolised the curtain which conceals the divine and the invisible. Though in certain works, the veiled figure had also stood for the self. These veils had gaps or slits, which were like glimpses into the invisible. In this series she gone a step further and has physically divided the works. These works are cut and slashed and appear like an exercise to negate the self or the ego. The tulip which had emerged in her work at the Rijksakademie, Amsterdam has matured, and still stands tall but is prepared to temper the self.