Hong Kong - Karachi
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Midnight Garden by Imran Qureshi
15 Feb,2014

For this exhibition Imran Qureshi has created eight miniature landscapes. In a sense his work moves away from the abstraction of his larger works towards the formalism of the miniature. His other landscape miniatures, such as those shown in Berlin last year were his abstractive imagery creeping into the formalism of the miniature, a depiction of his large scale installations. In these landscapes the blood motif is increasingly formal and classical. The abstractive marks are not a stranger to the landscape but have moved into and become an actual part of the landscape with the blood red foliate forms. These works are more strongly connected to the miniature and therefore the narrative element is observed with clarity, it is almost like coming home or visiting the source of the tradition. In some of the works the ferocious blood splatter motifs disappear and only the landscapes remain, but there is something that is disturbing and threatening about these. There is violence which is not overt but covert and leaves one with a sense of greater unease.