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Waiting in Silence

Amra Ali
Gandhara Art, October 2009,
, 50 pages
ISBN : -

Jabbar Gulls journey as a sculptor that embarked with the use of traditional takhti, the wooden tablet used for mashq (regimen) of the Urdu alphabet, signified the beginning of a knowledge that is rooted in the cultural and spiritual specifity on his environment. His Takhti, sans a legible script was the beginning of his own language of ideas, and has consolidated form and material, thereby integrating the tangible and intangible into a whole. The physicality of material, wood and mental, translates the intangible. To the artist, his family of “ordinary souls” represents much more than the secure family unit and kinship. In fact, the physical may be a symbol that signifies the idea of self: the inner and the outer.