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Aasim Akhtar
Gandhara Art, February 2009,
Hardback, 54 pages
ISBN : -

‘Disorientation’ radically challenges expectations by seeking to weigh the historical consequences of the issue outside of any triumphalist US framework, as if the final cultural victory of America could somehow be unthought or rendered uncertain. It works hard to complicate any simple correspondence between a work of art and a single political ideology, preferring to see most art as available to a range of sociopolitical uses, despite an artist’s own avowed, even aggressive political advocacy. The works in ‘Disorientation’ accrue power where the expansive range of metaphorical play is unharnessed. Baloch’s highly articulated draughtsmanship is translated into the sculpture, both in the linear edges of the wall reliefs and in the busy networks of lines evident in the recent installation.