Hong Kong - Karachi
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Gandhara-art @ ArtHK11
25 May,2011

Aisha Khalid and Imran Qureshi are the pioneers of the Neo Contemporary Miniature Art Movement which emerged from Pakistan in the 1990s. Both are graduates of the National College Of Arts, in Lahore Pakistan. Since then Khalid and Qureshi have shown their works in numerous international galleries, biennials, museums, and art fairs. Qureshi is the recipient of the Sharjah Biennial 2011 Jury Prize for his site specific installation 'Blessings Up.....
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'Desperately Seeking Paradise' by Rashid Rana
25 May,2011

Special Project by Gandhara-art at ArtHK11

'Desperately Seeking Paradise' by Rashid Rana

Desperately Seeking Paradise is Rashid Rana's seminal work and it has spawned several works which are derived from it. The sheer scale and drama of this work is a primary reason as well as the contradictions and duality that exist in this piece.  A sculpture always demands and receives grea.....
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07 May,2011

The show will be constituted by wall-based drawings and artworks, rendered directly onto Gandhara's walls. While this process asks questions about value and exchange within contemporary art, the wall-based artworks of this exhibition will also raise questions about artist's production, the significance of the studio, the function of the gallery and the viewe.....
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Gandhara-art@Art Dubai 2011
15 Mar,2011

We are showing the works of contemporary artists Imran Qureshi, Aisha Khalid and modern master Sadequain.

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Damsel in a Shining Armour
13 Jan,2011

An Exhibition by
Attiya Shaukat

Gandhara-art Space
F-65/2 Kehkashan
Clifton Block-4
Karachi, Pakistan

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The Architecture of the Self
16 Oct,2010

'The Architecture of the Self' is an exhibition focusing on the work of
Pakistan's most promising contemporary artists. All three of them work in
completely different media, yet there is a common element in their work.
Their work reveals the inner structure of the human psyche. Noor Ali
Chaghani is a contemporary miniaturist, but his forte is sculptures of
miniature red bricks. Imran Mudassar graduated in printmaking a.....
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Flood Relief Fundraiser
21 Sep,2010

This live auction is a part of the 'Pakistanis for Flood Relief' initiative which is being driven by the Pakistani community in Hong Kong. Live Auction at the Event includes work by Aisha Khalid, Imran Mudassar and Imran Qureshi. These works have specially been created for The Flood Relief Fundraiser. We are immensely thankful to these artists as 100% of the proceeds from the live auction will be donated to UNHCR. The UNCHR is working on the g.....
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Gandhara-art @ ArtHK10
27 May,2010

Gandhara-art is participating in the prestigious Hong Kong Art Fair 2010 and show casing the works of leading contemporary artists from Pakistan;  Aisha Khalid, Attiya Shaukat, Faiza Butt, Imran Mudassar, and Imran Qureshi.

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