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Hybrid II
12 Feb,2015
Atif Khan & Damon Kowarsky at Gandhara-Art Space Karachi In 2012 Damon Kowarsky and Atif Khan worked together at the National College of Arts Lahore to produce 'Hybrid I', a series of 20 hand printed etchings. Where the first project investigated Pakistan 'Hybrid II' took 'Commonwealth' as its theme and looked at the shared cultural heritage of Pakistan and Australia. These links are evident in part through the countries' shared colonial histor.....
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One for the Birds
23 Dec,2014
Muhammad Zeeshan Gandhara-art Space Karachi Currently we are living in a time of great polarity: the political and corporate establishments world-wide are exploiting the minor differences within populations that have long lived intermixed and peacefully. Because of these minute differences in worship and culture being exasperated, humanity is embroiled in ideological and physical battles. Zeeshan’s work shows the similarities that are more ap.....
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Publication Launch of Stranger than Fiction
19 Dec,2014
In conjunction with the show ‘Stranger than Fiction”, Gandhara launched a catalogue to compliment Adeel Uz Zafar’s work. The catalogue has essays written by Nifsa Rizvi, Susan Acret, Zarmeene Shah and a foreword by Amna Tirmizi Naqvi. The Artist Talk & Panel Discussion included the artist Adeel Uz Zafar and writers Nafisa Rizvi & Zarmeene Shah. Discussion was moderated by Amna Tirmizi Naqvi......
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Stranger than Fiction
21 Oct,2014

Adeel uz Zafar

Gandhara-art Space Karachi

Stranger than fiction features a selection of seminal anthropomorphic characters known around the world for their incredible feats and heroic actions. The imagined content is not necessarily based on facts, but it contemplates and interrogates society, politics, philosophy, life and adventure. It highlights the hopes, frustrations, dreams and disclosure from some of the living experienc.....
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Gandhara-art @ Art Basel 2014
15 May,2014

Gandhara-art @ Art Basel 2014

Adeel Uz Zafar, Aisha Khalid, Khadim Ali, Imran Qureshi, Noor Ali Chagani & Sher Ali

With half of the participating galleries coming from Asia and Asia-Pacific, Art Basel in Hong Kong assumes a significant role in the international artworld, providing a portal to the region's artists. The new show gives gall.....
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Let'sTake It Outside
10 Apr,2014
Gandhara Art presents 
‘Let’s Take It Outside’
Ahsan Jamal, Imrana Tanveer, Nashmia Haroon & 
Noor Ali Chagani
Using the popular phrase ‘Let's Take It Outside' which commonly translates to taking the disagreement or the fight elsewhere, this exhibition plays on the notion of moving the narrative or the dialogue away fro.....
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Midnight Garden by Imran Qureshi
15 Feb,2014

For this exhibition Imran Qureshi has created eight miniature landscapes. In a sense his work moves away from the abstraction of his larger works towards the formalism of the miniature. His other landscape miniatures, such as those shown in Berlin last year were his abstractive imagery creeping into the formalism of the miniature, a depiction of his large scale installations. In these landscapes the blood motif is increasingly formal and.....
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When I am Silent by Aisha Khalid
15 Feb,2014

For this exhibition Aisha Khalid has expanded on the theme of her earlier works, which dealt with concepts of spirituality and the divine. Khalid will be showing a series of six paintings in this show.  Earlier the ‘Burqa’ or the ‘Veil’ in her work symbolised the curtain which conceals the divine and the invisible. Though in certain works, the veiled figure had also stood for the self. These veils had gaps or.....
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