Hong Kong - Karachi
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Traces of the Famliar
22 Dec,2016
Ayesha Zulfiqar's new body of works represents her experiences of traversing between known and unknown paths where her memory is embodied in material and spatial conditions. The desire to transform the ephemeral and temporal into containable physical embodiments stems from an urge to revive lived moments in order to abate this longing. It is perhaps in resistance to accepting a foreign condition, the unease with the unknown where one tends to introspect and delve within in search of an intimate and known realm. The ritual of drawing her room repetitively from different viewpoints, documenting each detail and alteration over the years she lived there becomes an exercise in permanence establishing and giving life to the familiar An archive of reassurance - a physical manifestation of her primary construct. Now inhabiting these confines her focus extends beyond the material objects to the empty, invisible and connecting space in the middle, the spaces of circulation which capture her attention and are deemed to hold the same value as the material objects.