Hong Kong - Karachi
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One for the Birds
23 Dec,2014
Muhammad Zeeshan Gandhara-art Space Karachi Currently we are living in a time of great polarity: the political and corporate establishments world-wide are exploiting the minor differences within populations that have long lived intermixed and peacefully. Because of these minute differences in worship and culture being exasperated, humanity is embroiled in ideological and physical battles. Zeeshan’s work shows the similarities that are more apparent and less important than the so-called differences. Honouring historical and metaphysical figures from Hinduism, mysticism and Islam, the characters of ‘One for the Birds’ celebrate the Subcontinent’s cultural diversity. Extending well beyond geography, transcending time and religious boundaries, the commonality shared by each of the characters of ‘One For the Birds namely: Lal, Zuljina, AlamDaar, Mohabat ka Khudda and Ganymede” are their timeless association with justice and fairness.