Hong Kong - Karachi
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'Desperately Seeking Paradise' by Rashid Rana
25 May,2011

Special Project by Gandhara-art at ArtHK11

'Desperately Seeking Paradise' by Rashid Rana

Desperately Seeking Paradise is Rashid Rana's seminal work and it has spawned several works which are derived from it. The sheer scale and drama of this work is a primary reason as well as the contradictions and duality that exist in this piece.  A sculpture always demands and receives greater interaction then works which are two-dimensional. The mathematical precision, engineering and the logic of the grid in this work, is extremely appealing. The narrative of the high rise buildings composed of images of houses in Lahore. Nostalgia, ambition, beauty, disorientation, and so many more emotions that come into play when one looks upon this work. Rashid Rana is one of Pakistan's most well known contemporary artists. His work has been exhibited at the Musee Guimet, Paris, Asia Society Museum, New York, House of World Cultures, Berlin the Singapore Biennial and the Asian Art Biennial amongst others"