Hong Kong - Karachi
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07 May,2011

The show will be constituted by wall-based drawings and artworks, rendered directly onto Gandhara's walls. While this process asks questions about value and exchange within contemporary art, the wall-based artworks of this exhibition will also raise questions about artist's production, the significance of the studio, the function of the gallery and the viewer's experience within the environment of artworks.
For this exhibition we will be exploiting the gallery wall-space in an alternative way. The walls are the medium, and point of installation. In fact, we will be doing what we're naturally inclined to avoid and have repeatedly been told not to do – to make marks upon, to paint, even to vandalise the pristine gallery wall. In so doing, this exhibition will become a space in which to
re-examine the 'value' of art, and to play with the term 'value' itself.

Participating artists:
Abdullah M I Syed
Atif Khan
Reem Khurshid
Sivim A Naqvi
Sumaira Tazeen