Hong Kong - Karachi
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Aisha Khalid at the Pao Hong Kong
22 Apr,2010

Gandhara-art's contemporary focus will be on showcasing the works of the pioneers of the neo-contemporary miniature painting in Pakistan, Imran Qureshi & Aisha Khalid. This will be their 2nd exhibition in Hong Kong. Their work is instrumental in the contemporary resurrection of this traditional art form. Their oeuvre is all encompassing. It include paintings, sculptures as well as large scale installations which are exhibited in galleries, museums, art fairs and Biennales in Europe, Asia, the UK and the US and has also been shown at the MOMA-Oxford(2007), Fukuoka Museum(2002),Belvedere Museum(2009) and the Asia Society Museum New York(2009) and the 'Venice Biennale (2009).