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Samina Islam
Artist Biography
Samina Islam

Born 12 Apr,1986




Samina Islam was brought up in the Netherlands, she moved back to Pakistan later in life. She obtained her Fine Art Diploma in 2002 with distinction, and has exhibited nationally and internationally since then.



Selected Exhibitions:



      2016     Is She a Spinner of Yarns, 3 person show, Gandhara gallery, Karachi (group show)

      2015     Beyond Innocence, 2 person-show, Taseer gallery, Lahore (group show)

                   Individual Context, Rohtas Gallery, Islamabad (group show)

      2014     Fusion contemporary art, Citi Art Gallery, Karachi (group show)

                   Dual Dynamic, two-person show, Khaas Gallery, Islamabad (group show)

      2013     Grandeur Gallery, Karachi (group show)

                   Connections, Canvas Art Gallery, Karachi (group show)

                   Abandoned Europe, Alex Solodov Contemporary art, online (group show)

      2011     Grandeur Gallery, Karachi (group show)

      2010     Phantasia, four-person show, Poppy Seed Gallery, Karachi (group show)

      2009     A Changing World, Citi Art Gallery, Karachi (solo show)

      2008     Two-person show, Shakil Ismail Gallery, Karachi (group show)

            Four-person show, Indus Gallery, Karachi (group show)

      2006     Two-person show, Zenaini Gallery, Karachi (group show)

      2003     Pasteur Ziekenhuis, Oosterhout, The Netherlands (solo show)

      2002     Het lieve heer huisje, Oosterhout, The Netherlands (solo show)

            Het Klooster, Nijmegen, The Netherlands (solo show)

      2001     Sadequain Awards, Sadequain Gallery, Karachi (group show)

  Vision Art Gallery, Karachi (group show)

            Urban Voices V, Sheraton, Karachi (group show)

   Takhti exhibition, Sadequain Gallery, Karachi (group show)

      2000      Urban Voices IV, Sheraton, Karachi (group show)






2016    Textile instructional Artist Residency at Arquetopia Mexico





2016    Shortlisted for 4th International Emerging Artist Award

2012    First prizewinner of Contemporary Masters of 2012





2014    Artwork used for Album cover  “Insomnia” by music artist Audien (Nate   

            Rathbun), Grammy nominee 2014

2010    Artwork used for book cover “Dhaka Dust” by Dilruba Ahmed, winner of the       

            Katharine Bakeless Nason prize for poetry.



Work experience:


2009 to present  HOD Art at KGS College Section.







2002 (major Painting, minor Printmaking)



Published Articles:

2015     Faryal Ahsan, Art now Pakistan, online art magazine

2014   Ismail Umair, Youlinmagazine, Islamabad

           Artworks depict diverse thoughts, The Express Tribune Islamabad

           Solitary existence captured in art,  Syeda Sherbano Kazim, Dawn News 


           Diverse merger of contemporary creative aura, The News Islamabad

           Schezee Zaidi, The News Islamabad

           Maryam Usman, The Express Tribune Islamabad

           Dawn news Islamabad

           Shireen Ikramullah, Nukta Art Magazine Volume 9 - 1, pg. 37

           Nigaah Art Magazine Volume 1 - 37, pg. 3

2013    Ahtesham Azhar, News of Cocooned Dreams and Drones, Daily Times

           Peerzada Salman, Connecting the Dots, Dawn News     

           Nigaah Art Magazine Volume 1 - 29, Connections, pg. 56

           Important World Artists Volume 1, Publisher World Wide Art Books

2009    Fawad Ali Shah, Colouring a Woman’s World, Dialy Times

            Anwer Mooraj, Changing World, Dawn News Gallery

2011    Veera Rustomji, Mag Weekly

             International Masters of Contemporary Art Volume 5, Publisher World Wide Art  


2010    Marjorie Husain, She Magazine

            Anwer Mooraj, Art Fiend, Dawn News

2008    Mohammad Jami, Daily News

2006    Auj Khan, Home is where the art is, Newsline

            Marjorie Husain, She Magazine

            Asif Noorani, The Nation

2002    Mosin F. Jaffri, Dawn News

            Het Kanton

2001     Salwat Ali, The News

            Shamim Akhtar, Daily News