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Mahreen Zuberi
Artist Biography
Mahreen Zuberi



Bachelors of Fine Arts, National College of Art Lahore, Pakistan

Major in Miniature Painting - Minors in Printmaking and Photography


Workshops and Residencies

2010       South Asian Artistes Camp, Puducherry Blue, Pondicherry India

2008       Krishnakariti Art Festival, Hyderabad Deccan India

2007       International Artist Workshop, Shatana Jordan

2006       Vasl International Workshop, Gadani

2005       Local Connections 1, VASL Artists Residency.

2004       "Intercultural Transformation" British Council  - VASL Workshop by Clio Lloyd Jacob

2003       "Shot to Edit" Workshop in Video Art with Sophi Ernst

2002       "DRAWN" Conducted by Usman Saeed.

2002       ‘Fun-e-Khatati’ calligraphy workshop by Gohar Kalam

2002       Pin hole photography workshop with Omar Butt


Solo show

2010       “Green Patrol” Canvas Gallery, Karachi

2008       “Open wide” Rohtas Art Gallery, Islamabad


Two-person show

2009       "Edge" Rohtas 2, Lahore


Group shows

2011       “Contemporary Miniature”- a touring exhibition from the Queensland Art Gallery collection

2011       “Reprise” Aicon Gallery, New York

2010       “Who’s Afraid of Theory”, Poppy seed Gallery, Karachi

2010       “Invisible cities” Aicon Gallery, New York

2010       “The Karachi Miniature” Poppy seed Gallery, Karachi

2010       “Being There” Koel Gallery, Karachi

2010       “Resemble Reassemble” Devi Art Foundation, India

2009       “Hanging Fire” Asia Society Museum, New York

2009       “Going Places” Canvas Gallery, Karachi

2008       “6 degrees of separation” VM Art Gallery, Karachi

2008       “Associated Metaphors” IVSAA Gallery, Karachi

2008       “Vernisage of Paintings”, Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany, Karachi

2007       National Gallery of Art, Islamabad

2006       Canvas Gallery, Karachi

2005       "A thousand and one days " Honolulu Academy of Arts, Hawaii

2005       "Miniatures Contemporaines Du Pakistan", France

2005       "Taaza Tareen" VM Art Gallery, Karachi

2005       "Voices" World Bank office, Islamabad

2005       Momart Gallery, Karachi

2005       "Re-inventing Narratives" La galerie Mohamed el Fassi Rabat, Morocco

2005       "Modern Miniatures" Khass Art Gallery, Islamabad

2004       "Contemporary Miniature Paintings from Pakistan" Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, Japan

2004       "Creases" Rohtas 2, Lahore

2004       "Interpretations" Rohtas Gallery, Islamabad

2004       "Extensions" Canvas Gallery, Karachi

2003       "Vacant/Occupied" National College of Arts, Lahore

2003       "Shot to edit" Zahoor ul  Aklaq Gallery, NCA, Lahore

2002       "DRAWN", Royatt Gallery, Lahore  



Queensland Art Gallery, Australia - Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, Japan - Devi Art Foundation, India


Related Work Experience

2009 - current, Coordinator Fine Arts, Karachi University, Department of Visual Studies.

2008 - 2010, visiting faculty Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture.

2002 - current free-lance book illustration.

2010 co curator “The Karachi Miniature”, Poppy seed Gallery, Karachi

2005 - 2009, visiting faculty Karachi University, Department of Visual Studies.

2009, curator and editor, “starring: the artist”, IVS Gallery, Karachi

2007, visiting faculty Beacon House National University, School of Visual Arts.

2006 - 2007, VASL artist trust, working group.

2004- 2007, visiting faculty Centre for Advanced Studies.


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